Member Resources

Below you will find a variety of useful information, including information about how Atlas is run as an organization, tools to help you raise the most money for Atlas, and resources to help you have the best possible experience as a member of Atlas.

Atlas Leadership Structure

Points System

Atlas' Point System is designed to reward members for their hard work fundraising, engaging with our families, contributing to the social aspects of Atlas, and their overall involvement within the organization. The Points System intends to evaluate the overall involvement of Atlas members but is by no means a fully accurate representation of members' involvement.  Members are rewarded for their earned points in several ways, including (but not limited to): Floor Time at THON for top ~100 point earners; Dancer Applications for top 50 point earners; selection for participation in capped events such as Family Carnival, Hershey Medical Center Visits, and some family activities. Points are also heavily considered during the selection of each year's captains. As a whole, the goal of the points system is to have a formalized method for keeping track of members' involvement and provide incentives to members to continue their hard work. 

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