What is a Fundo weekend?

FundO, short for fundraising outreach, is the part of Atlas that allows you to leave campus for a weekend and raising money for Thon outside of State College. This will mainly involve canvassing and ribbon sales (find out more about these below). When you sign up (with a friend if you would like), you are placed into a FundO group and sent to a member's house for the weekend. You spend Saturday and Sunday selling ribbons to patrons at storefronts and then going door-to-door soliciting donations. You’ll spend the night after hanging out and bonding with the rest of your group! Tons of Atlas members meet their best friends on these weekends. You don't want to miss out!

What are the different ways to get more involved?

Hosting: Host a canvassing group at your house! Any Atlas member can host; you don’t have to have gone canvassing before. Check out our hosts guide showing how simple and easy it is.

Driving: We always need members to drive. If you have a car in State College, sign up to drive and you will be guaranteed to be put into a group. Don’t worry; those in your car will pitch in for gas!

What is Canvassing?

Canvassing is another one of THON’s iconic fundraisers. Simply put, it is door-to-door solicitation. You walk around neighborhoods with an Atlas partner (with whom you will bond with over crazy stories of wacky donors), knocking on people’s doors to ask for donations. Unlike canning where there are only be one designated weekend, you can go canvassing any weekend! During a canvassing weekend, you arrive Friday night to bond with your group, canvass Saturday, and return to Penn State Saturday night. Just like with canning, you can get involved more by hosting and driving. Don’t miss out on an awesome fundraising weekend with Atlas!

BUT knocking on people's doors seems awkward...

It’s not! While canvassing, you get to sleep in so you don’t knock on people’s door at 7 A.M. Most people are super nice, whether they donate or not. Some donors like to hear more about THON and share their incredible stories with cancer. There’s also always a chance to meet some adorable puppies or be fed some delicious cookies as well.

Have you Heard of Ribbon sales?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, selling ribbons. This is our replacement for canning. It has many of the fun and thrills of canning, but you’ll be dancing around selling ribbons rather than dancing around with a can. We will be doing these throughout the year on our FundO weekends. So if you missed your chance to go canning, this is the next best thing!

But Standing Outside a Store Sounds Terrible…

It’s not! Ask anyone in Atlas. It’s a lot like canning and you can ask anyone how much they loved that! Most of us wear crazy outfits, dance all day to music, and inspire and entertain each other throughout the day with canning stories in GroupMe. When you get home, you all get to count all the money you made!


2018 Canvassing Weekends


1st Weekend: September 21-23

2nd Weekend: October 19-21

3rd Weekend: November 2-4

2019 Canvassing Weekends


1st Weekend: January 18-20

2nd Weekend: February 1-3