Donor & Alumni Relations

What is DAR?

Donor and Alumni Relations (DAR) is a committee that serves family and friends all across the country. Our goal is to bring donors, alumni, and Atlas affiliates closer to the cause through fundraising and awareness. The DAR committee is responsible for more traditional fundraisers, which include Donation Boxes, THONvelopes, and large-scale Corporate Contacts. Additionally, it is a priority of this committee to maintain relationships with all people connected to Atlas.

If you have any questions about this committee, please contact Nate Mrdjenovich ( or Justin Ceasar (

Online Fundraising

Feel free to use any of these templates to make posts online and through social media! Posting online helps to boost our amount of online donations and helps raise more money FTK. 


THONvelopes are one of THON's oldest and most successful forms of fundraising. By writing letters and sending them all around the country, you are not only raising money but spreading THON and Atlas' mission. This is the easiest and most effective form of fundraising, so get ready and send out some THONvelopes!


THONvelope Instructions:

  1. Make a list of people to send a THONvelope to (family, friends, teachers, etc). Pro Tip: Borrow your parents’ holiday card list!

  2. Pick up your blank THONvelopes from an Atlas meeting or our office and decorate them! The most successful THONvelopes are the ones that are personalized!

  3. Choose a template and write your THONvelope letters!

  4. Return your finished THONvelopes to us for FREE postage and fill out this form so we can keep track of how many you sent!


Any questions can be directed to Nate Mrdjenovich at

Donation Boxes

A donation box is a small box distributed by THON, which is then placed at businesses all across PA and beyond. These boxes stay out from weeks to months, in order to raise funds and raise awareness for pediatric cancer and THON. 

Where do you come in? Your only job is to find a location in your hometown that would be willing to house a donation box. You can either call them yourself or have a member of our Calling Team call them on your behalf.

Any questions can be directed to Nate Mrdjenovich at

click here to see our calling script.

Corporate Contacts

One of the best ways for us to raise money FTK is by contacting donors through their business. Businesses usually set aside money to give to charitable organizations each year, so this is a great opportunity for us to use our personal connections to help an amazing cause. To learn more about Corporate Contacts, click on our Corporate Contact FAQ page below.

Corporate Contact FAQ

If you have Corporate Contacts in mind, submit them to Justin Ceasar in the link below.

if you have any questions, please contact Justin Ceasar